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The Boy Scouts of America 2001 Jamboree is a national encampment that brings together about 37,000 participants - 30,400 Scouts and leaders in 760 troops, plus some 6,600 staff members - from all over the country along with visiting Scouts from many parts of the world.

Since 1937, the Boy Scouts of America has held National Scout Jamborees that have been attended by nearly 600,000 Scouts and leaders. A national jamboree is planned once every four years.

A city of thousands of tents that will house participants and provide program and support services will be erected at Fort A. P. Hill, Virginia as the jamboree gets underway.


Activities at the 2001 National Scout Jamboree will support the jamboree theme: "Strong Values, Strong leaders, Character Counts."

Program features will reflect the skills of Scouting, the nation's heritage, physical fitness, conservation, and the spirit of brotherhood. 

Daily activities will offer fun and challenge. Religious services will provide time for reflection. Many highlight events will depict the rich heritage of Scouting. Each Boy Scout region will operate an Action Center where Scouts can practice and demonstrate skills such as archery, orienteering, running obstacle courses, shotgun shooting, buckskin games and more. They can participate in scuba, boating, canoeing, and hunting safety, as well as take part in the disabilities-awareness trail, competitive events, the Merit Badge Midway, and an arts and science fair. There will also be some entertaining arena shows.


Central Minnesota Council, BSA 2001 National Jamboree 9/14/00

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