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The Central Minnesota Council plans to organize up to three fundraisers for its participants of the 2005 Jamboree.
The first fundraiser will involve selling popcorn, and will begin in April/May 2004.
A "Mr. Z's" Frozen Foods fundraiser will be held during the winter of 2004/2005.
A second popcorn fundraiser may be held in the spring of 2005.

Funds raised will go into each participants "individual" account.
More information will be presented at the troop meetings,
and on this site as information becomes available.

Of course, a Scout is thrifty.
In addition to the council fundraisers he is also encouraged to use his home troop's fundraising efforts.

2004 Spring Popcorn Fundraiser Information:

Here is the breakdown of popcorn product for the Jamboree.

Town  # of Scouts:                             Proposed drop site                 Product

BigLake: 8 Scouts                               Big Lake orElk River       approx: 40 cases of product
Elk River: 4 Scouts                              

St. Cloud:2 Scouts                               St.Cloud                              they can pick up here at the office
Sauk Rapids: 1 Scout                          
St. Joseph: 4 Scouts

Cold Spring: 2 Scouts                           Cold Spring                       approx. 25 cases of product      
Richmond: 1 Scout
Kimball: 1 Scout                                  
Melrose: 1 Scout
Avon: 1 Scout

Aitkin: 5 Scouts                                   Brainerd                               approx: 15 cases of product
PequotLakes: 2 Scouts

Wadena: 2 Scouts                                Wadena                               approx: 10 cases of product
Ogilvie: 2 Scouts                                  ? (Ogilvie)                         approx: 6 cases of product        

The popcorn is scheduled to come in on the 3rd or 4th of June. Distribution is scheduled on the 8th of June. Would any leaders be willing to have Scouts come to their house to pick up the popcorn? Could any of you pick it up here at the office? I will travel, just need to know who can help.

I have listed the proposed town drop sites; they can change, just need to know locations so I can send out a letter and contact the youth by phone to make sure we get them to the drop location on time.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Email me if you can help by Tuesday morning so we can get information out to the Scouts and leaders.

Thank you and have a great weekend.
Kurt Stelten

Results: as of June 17, 2004.
       41 troop members participated in this popcorn fundraiser drive.
       Over $8500 of popcorn was sold.
       40% of the income will be distributed to the participants.  ($3400 in commissions.)

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